About Ossip

Ossip Optometry was founded in 1952 and we are still providing quality, style and innovative eye care to our patients. Today we are one of the largest private eye care practices in America.

Dr. Kenneth OssipDr. Kenneth Ossip founded Ossip Optometry on August 5, 1952 - the same day his wife Joan was giving birth to their first son. The practice was originally located at 6304 Guilford Avenue in Broad Ripple.

When the practice opened in 1952, an eye exam cost $5.00. A complete set of glasses cost $20.00. All frames were domestically made, and nothing came from overseas. The two best selling styles were the Harlequin, or "Cats Eye", and the Ronsir, plastic on the top and metal on the bottom.

In 1955, the practice had a big break when the Topics newspaper published a feature article and a photograph of Dr. Kenneth Ossip performing an exam.

Waiting RoomDr. Ossip always believed in providing the finest eye exam possible. To achieve this, he invested heavily in technology: Ossip Optometry was the first practice in the state to introduce the visual fields machine to test for blind spots and peripheral vision, as well as the puff tonometer test for glaucoma and eye pressure. Mrs. Ossip once said that they invested in the needs of their patients before buying new furniture for the house.

In the early sixties, the practice moved to 828 Broad Ripple Avenue, and then again in the early 1970's to 840 Broad Ripple Avenue. As the practice grew Dr. Ossip was always looking for a more convenient location - and more parking.

Frames AreaIn 1978, the practice moved to its current location at 804 Broad Ripple Avenue during the night so as not to inconvenience any patients. Only about 1/4 of the current building was in use at the time.

Dr. Kenneth Ossip retired from the company in 1983. His presence is still felt today -- his collection of optometric figurines collected from around the world still adorns the halls of the Broad Ripple office.

Dr. Gregg OssipDr. Gregg Ossip graduated from the IU School of Optometry in 1979. His first job was as Assistant to the Vice President of Research for a New York based contact lens company, where he lectured sales and research personnel across America. His father convinced him to join the family practice in October, 1980. When he joined, there were only three staff members. He spent the first six months researching the best optometry practices in the country, learning from their successes.

One mark of success was frequent advertising – but Dr. Gregg had a hard time convincing people back home he was right. In fact, one doctor wanted to know how he would limit the number of patients if he was successful! 1981 would mark the start of our collaboration with David Young to create Ossip's distinctive message and look -- this collaboration proved to be the winning combination Dr. Gregg had been looking for and founded our creative advertising approach.

BillboardIn 1991, Dr. Ossip realized there was another opportunity to differentiate his practice – with cool eyewear. He started securing exclusive rights to distribute certain designer brands of eyewear in the city -- a tradition that continues today.

We have built our reputation on style, cutting-edge technology, quality service and exceeding the needs of our patients.